Cool Open Mics in the area:

Players' Jam at TOP DOG every Monday 8-11ish
Bring your axe, your sax or voice!! Fun crowd, great stage and lots of opportunities to get network!
Hosted by: Fuzzy Paradise

Ott's in Medford NJ on Tuesday Nights
Awesome House Band, Cool Bartenders, Fun crowd
Hosted by: Gregg Carpenter and Pete Cava

Scaturro's (Marlton NJ) on Wednesdays Nights 7-11pm
Full house band, awesome bass player, and rocking crowd
Hosted by: Billy D. Light

Otts in Berlin NJ Thursdays 9-1pm
Bring your own instrument, great guitar players, fun crowd
Hosted by Dion Paci

Check out my good friend, Don Evans, who plays in Fuzzy Paradise. You won't be disappointed:

Click on the Fuzzy "Pair o' dice" for more videos and up to date events for Fuzzy Paradise music; or go to: